Resume Writing is different than C.V

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CV writing is usually asked to write in exams and it is practiced with other academic writings as well. Resume writing is also a significant form taught to students for future, but there is a misconception regarding both resume and CV writing by some people that both are same. No, not at all! Though they both share the same concept of introducing candidate’s information to the employer’s yet, there is a thin line between both. This blog is for all those who can’t differentiate between resume and CV writing.

The Difference between a Curriculum Vitae and a Resume

  • According to CV writing services, the curriculum vitae or CV is a summary of one’s educational and academic backgrounds as well as summary of any job experience, publications, presentations, or any achievement such as awards, honors and affiliations. CV has no page limit; based on one’s experience and quantity of activities and degrees the pages are filled. It is used for graduate school or job required to get a degree, or academic based internship etc.
  • On the other hand, resume writing service can be said a brief description of one’s academic and professional background. Resume is not more than one page. It just depends on one’s list and way of describing their achievements. It is required for professional level, if candidate is willing to apply for business, industry, governmental, and non-profit jobs.

Another hey differences between both resume and CV writing that distinguish from each other are;

  • CVs are meant to get position for academic based works like teaching, research etc. It can be said CV marks comfort zone of candidate on greater level, whereas resume is required when candidate enters in professional writing service field, come out of their comfort zone and are passionate to do some serious and challenging work.
  • An objective of curriculum vitae is to be informative in comprehensive way for instance while writing academic information in CV one will write “Pass intermediate with medical from XX college, in X year with – grade”. While, resume will only mention intermediate with pass/fail in – – year.
  • Just like we are asked to write exams in comprehensive way throughout academic life, similarly, CV is also supposed to be writing in detailed comprehensive manner. Resume in this way give professional and mature touch with grown up and professional, a bit technical way while applying for official work or networking with employers.

Traits of Top Gun CVs


By definition

A CV is a de-facto sales pitch of an individual outlining his educational and more importantly professional history targeted for the organization in question. A CV and resume are analogous terms for that matter.

In essence, CV is just a marketing document for a professional candidate, enlisting your work experience along with personal details. The said individual sells a specific skill to an organization, making an impression based on his education, qualifications and experience. For obvious reasons, most organizations tend to have their own CV for short-listing candidates as per their needs.

CV doesn’t have a regulated format, but the general outline of a CV is followed universally in accordance with areas of importance. For students and technical personnel, professional CV writing service UK facilitates apt CV writing services.

Types of CV

Generally, there are 2 kinds of CVs employed in corporate sector:

  1. Skills based CV: It mostly highlights a person’s acquired skills and furnishes achievements.
  2. Chronoloigcal CV: It lists down the work portfolio in order of date. It’s a typified version of a CV

Submission of a CV

CVs are dropped by candidates usually when:

  • Employers/ organizations demand applications
  • When an organization requests to apply at their firm
  • When a job listing is posted

General traits of a CV

The following list of particulars are generally observed in any given CV:

  • Past work experience
  • Skills and qualifications
  • Legibility
  • Acheivements
  • Flawless grammar
  • Education
  • ObjectiveContact details
  • Personal details
  • Computer literacy

Achievements and interests

This is a bonus section for outlining added competitive strengths for giving an edge over the potential list of candidates:

      1. Core needed skills such as:
      • Leadership
      • Organzing skills
      • Planning and reseraching
      • Teamplayer
      1. Hobbies that give off vibes of a dynamic individual such as field related studies and skill development as hobbies are a huge plus-point for a candidate.
      1. Extra-curricular activities will go hand in hand in showing an active personality.
      1. Book reading is a hobby prized by most employers. It gives impression of an evolving person
      1. Never enlist commmonplace hobbies. It doesnt work in your favor.


Added skills amplify the probablity of scoring the next job. Usually, most wanted side-skills include:

      • MS Office
      • Writing skills
      • Speaking power

Personal Information

Basic information is added in this section such as:

      • Telephone number
      • Email address
      • House address
      • O.B

Depending on American/ UK CVs, photos can be added/ not added. Usually the photo is included in the right side corner or left side corner. The dress-up should be formal in the photo.

Educational History

This section purveys the candidates track-record as a student. In case, the grade are mediocre, it’s better to keep them hidden (since it will raise more questions).

Professional Experience

      • Actionable words delivers maximum impact on a CV for a candidate
      • Relate skills to the particular job in question
      • As is the case, the work experience is written from most recent job to the first job acquired.
      • In addition, volunary work is also added to spike some credentials.


  • As a rule of thumb, Calibri and Times New Roman fonts are used with 11-12 font length.
  • Never use Comic Sans, Arial, Tahoma and other comical fonts