Make Essay Writing Interesting & Intriguing For The Reader

essay writing for readers

Let’s forget everything for a few minutes and imagine that you are a teacher who has to read and score around 100 essays in one day. Seriously! This is one horrible task and I am sure no one can go beyond 7 or 8 long boring essays. After all, they are humans too; though my view may contradict with many of yours. One sunny morning, I accidentally landed to our English Professor’s office. I can bet he looked as miserable as the scorching sun engulfing the window. No wonder he was going through our very so called creative essays. So now you understand how important it is to really make them worth reading and attention grabbing. If you fail to incorporate the techniques devised to come up with best essay writing service, trust me the reader switches to another in a split of second and so does the teacher. Therefore, your paper reaches the end of the pile in no time and your most awaited grades are so doomed! Score matters to us, isn’t it the only most common desired fantasy?

The DON’TS in best Essay writing

Make sure that you never ever produce a paper that has the following features:

Dull Title

This is a sin! Provide your essay with inappropriate headline or even worse if you do not bother to give it any name. You have lost your half battle right here. HALF!! Come on, if you have somehow managed to write it then why not give it a proper title?

DO’S – Target that first impression! Hook the reader’s attention.  Persuade them to go through your interesting essay till the end.

Ill-Structured Paragraphs

If you really want to fail, messy and unorganized paragraphs are the perfect tip! It leaves your reader perplexed and he is unable to figure out the correct sequence of specified data. Imagine reading 1000 words where nothing makes sense to you at all. How pathetic that would be?

DO’S – Make proper outline before initiating your essay. Divide the details in paragraphs entitled Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Flawed Ideas

If the concept, on which the entire essay is based, lacks clarity and the attention seeking aspects then I would advise to not make any effort at all. This is the backbone! And you have somehow shattered it into uncountable pieces.

DO’S – Ideas that immediately grasps the reader’s attention should be employed. You should add creative mind boggling details that just click your essay in one go!

You must have figured out by now why you always end up with average scores. Writing requires passion and thoughtful insight to come up with unique masterpieces. Always consider availing best essay writing service to guide you in the right direction. Good Luck!