How to Format Assignment in the Best Way?


How Assignment Looks Do Matter!!

The way you present your paper matters. Well! There is a famous maxim, ‘If a thing doesn’t look good it won’t be good inside.’  You don’t want to take the interest of your tutor away from your written assignment, do you? A messy, unorganized, unstructured & unclear formatting of assignment gives the impression that least effort has been shown by the author. Being a creator of your assignment, you must be self-conscious of what people perceive of your writing work, style, & information, then why compromise on the formatting? However, many students to avoid the situation, look for online assignment help and spend hundreds of dollars and pounds, whereas the end result is zero. We are giving you a life changing guide that will not only save your money, but also your grades.

What is Assignment Formatting?

So far it is clear that before you buy assignment online, your tutor is going to make an opinion about your work by only seeing the presentation. Hence, assignment formatting is not merely essential to impress the tutor, it is also critical because the reader must be able to comprehend your writing and it is not achievable as long as your assignment is properly formatted. You all must be wondering what exactly formatting means here! The answer is very simple! Whenever you all are assigned an assignment task, particular marks are allotted for the presentation. You’d have seen the last section underneath the assessment rubric that says 5% or 10% for presentation. By assignment formatting, we mean the following:

  • Layout:It entails the structure of the assignment. The standard structure of the assignment consists of Introduction, Body & Conclusion. You can break down your main topic into many to be covered in the body.
  • Referencing Style: Referencing is must for an academic writing & school, colleges & universities follow different reference style e.g. APA, Harvard, and MLA and so on.
  • Grammar and Spelling: If your language is not clear to understand, then there is no point of writing.
  • Document Formatting: By document formatting, we mean consistent font style and size of font style. Appropriate headings with sub-headings. Title page, table of contents and reference list are also part of the document formatting.
  • And last but not the least writing style. Writing style may or may not reflect how mature writing skills you have.

How to Make Assignment Look Good

Very simple! Just do as directed. An assignment can be well formatted only when each and every parameter of the format is pursued.

Manage Layout

Layout or structure of the assignment can be managed through brainstorming. You can use a paper and pencil or a software application available on the World Wide Web. Edraw Max is free software available on the internet. It can be used for designing brainstorming ideas through pictorial media.

Deal with Reference & Grammar / Spelling & Document Formatting

The good news is that you don’t have to be anxious about the format, because Ms Office’s product Ms Word has eased student’s life through its user friendly yet productive features. You can now easily manage references and their styles via REFERENCE option given on the menu bar.

Similarly, Ms Word enables its users to control the language e.g. UK English, US English and Australia English. It also provides with an option to scan spelling and grammar error. It also has templates for title page and automatic option for creation table of content in the document.