Classifications of Research Papers


Research paper writing is an academic drill for students aimed at honing, developing and maturing student’s skill-set. It’s an all-encompassing skill-development task. In case of weaker students, research paper writing service effectively fulfills their academic needs.

Research papers can be categorized broadly into 7 types listed alow:

  1. Research reports
  2. Cause & effect research papers
  3. Compare-contrast research papers
  4. Definition research papers
  5. Analytical research papers
  6. Argumentative research papers
  7. Interpretive research

Analytical Researches

In case of an analytical research, the bunch of sources are all compiled in one section, dissected, scrutinized and observed for factual content. Converging and diverging standpoints are observed from a neutral perspective, looking for a conclusive result.

Research paper writer observes the methods, findings, evidence and conclusions drawn from all sources before arriving at his own.

Definition Research

This is purely a descriptive research, outlining and detailing events as they occurred, verbatim. Moreover, it is a factual document, devoid of author’s comment on the matter. Moreover, both sides of the arguments are discussed in detail as in case of argumentative research. The result is left open to interpretation. Generally, definition research is a stepping stone for students paving road of argumentative researches.

Argumentative Research

This academic research is tasked with demonstrating both sides of an argument in a fair manner. A competent argumentative research will present supporting evidences, proof, refutations from both opposing parties in order to furnish a detailed examination of the subject at hand.

The author is supposed to purvey his own personal opinion in the conclusion section. In case of the body section, he is to refrain from choosing his preferred side. Moreover, argumentative researches empower students to critically analyze, think and purvey suggestions on a specific issue.

Compare-contrast Research

Probably a useful analysis tool, the compare-contrast is employed for contrasting two similar subjects with different tangents. For instance, in case of dystopian novels, 1984 and Brave New World will be dissected element by element for a deep evaluation.

Cause & effect Research

In this case, the research keenly focuses on a root cause of an issue, relating the chain reaction of an event to a particular action taken. By this extension, its application is mostly found in educational and business domains for locating source of an issue.

Research report

They can be termed as case studies. Usually, case studies are created by academic institutions to expand student’s knowledge and horizons with respect to real-life scenarios. Events can be fictitious/ real-life intended for students to read through, research, pile up evidence and propose a long-term solution to prevent such a case scenario.

Supporting evidence is present in terms of sources writing a perfect research paper, pictorial representations and professional’s testimonies.

Compare-Contrast Research

This form of academic research will either compare/ contrast two similar subjects. For effective elucidation, a breakdown of key elements of both subjects is given to demonstrate the contrasting elements/ similarities. For instance, Shakespearean poems can be contrasted to Mary Shelley’s tragic poems.

This research empowers the student to dissect, analyze and learn from each subject.

Interpretive Research

Lastly, the interpretive researches are tasked with interpreting a certain subject with their own mindset. Used mostly in humanities, business and literary fields, the purpose are observing a student’s understanding capacity of the exterior and subtext themes.