How to Choose an Appropriate Essay Topic?

Writing an essay is quite easier than selection of essay writing topics because on the time of topic selection, individual designs an insubstantial structure in his/her mind, which makes writing process easier.

    • Topic based upon Interest of Writer: Select a topic, which attracts writer’s mindset like if writer is interested in modern technology, he should not select a topic like “Our annual sports event” while writer has to select topic like “Merits and demerits of cell phone”.
    • Existence of Basic Knowledge about Topic: Writer should have clear concepts and know- how about the topic so it will be easier to write surefire content in minimal time duration.
    • Topic should be Informative: Hot issues or something belongs to educational background are more beneficial from eruditeness viewpoint for both writer and reader. Conversely, avoid general and repeated topics that are already known by reader and they do not desire to read more on that topic.
  • Old Incidents are also Preferred: If choices are available then select memorable topics like “most scariest moments”, “most happiest moments”, “moment when I proposed my girlfriend” etc., as this is fact that these topics are easy to write in minimum time duration and interesting for reader.

Topic should Interest Audience: Suppose if your audience belongs to chemistry background then topic must also be from same surroundings so it would be interesting and understandable for reader.