Vocabulary and Spelling guide in Assignment Writing

Vocabulary and Spelling guide in Assignment WritingUsing right spelling and grammar throughout the assignment is an integral element of document formatting and presentation. Although, word processor has integrated spelling and grammar check yet they do not check for logical mistakes such as if the spelling of ‘activities’ is wrong, processor may replace it with ‘activates’ that is alright in spelling but logically misfits changing the meaning of sentence. There are numbers of strategies to keep in practice in order to be spelling proficient in assignment writing help.

  • Practice Spelling: In daily routine, avoid using short codes instead of whole spelling, because in long run it becomes one of the reasons of forgetting actual spellings.
  • Common words: There are numbers of words that pronounce same but differ in spelling. Students must particularly remember the use and spelling of those, words such as ‘except’ and ‘accept’ have same pronunciation and entirely different meanings.
  • Electronic processor: While using word processor for assignment writing, proofread the document for logical errors and auto corrections made.
  • Online dictionary: There are numbers of dictionaries available online to provide meaning, pronunciation, and sense of the use of word in the sentence such as oxford dictionary.

Useful Plagiarism Checkers for your Term Paper

Effective term paper writing directly leads students to obtain good grades, which is of the highest significance in their academic tenure accomplishment. Quality of content and originality of the words along with addressing the subject matter are the basis of custom term paper writing. Many software and websites are available over the internet to identify the plagiarism in your term or research paper.

  • Turnitin: This application is recognized as leading plagiarism checker in prevention of plagiarism across the globe. There are three distinct features of Turnitin: Originality Check, Grade Mark, and Peer Mark. Originality Check guarantees the content against plagiarism by comparing it with the papers in libraries that encompass more than 24 billion web pages and millions of students’ papers. Peer Mark feature enables students to see each others work with instructor’s comment for learning and Grade Mark contains ready made comments, audio feedback, and long text comments facility for teachers to direct students.
  • IThenticate: It is another leading plagiarism checker website for originality checking of term papers before publication. This software is developed by Turnitin and prominent features of this software are the intellectual property protection and document comparison analysis.
  • Write Check: It targets students for checking their papers before submitting them to teachers or for further publication. It checks plagiarism, grammar and displays similarity index of paper comprising with documents already present in database.

The downside of these plagiarism checkers is that they are not free. To utilize them, students and institution have to register premium accounts.